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Check out the information below. The 2015 National Regatta will be at Lake Fenton Sailing Club.




Ready or Not, Sail!                               News You Can Use From Kevin

    My first Michigan District sailing event in the Lightning Class was somewhere in Michigan, I don’t even remember for certain where because I know my finishes were not that spectacular. The venues for the Lightning Districts were a much bigger class (typically 35-45 boats), on much bigger water than Lake Fenton where in most cases you had to watch the compass as there were no land marks close enough to gage your progress. Was I ready? Probably not, but how do we know when we are ready? Did I feel ready? Not really but I did it anyway. Over the years I know I sailed mid-pack to fighting for pickle boat sometimes and I even sailed upside down a time or two. But I still went to the Michigan Districts for many years because I was a part of the Lightning family, and it was a chance to see people in my Lightning family that I rarely would see.

    Much of life is this way. As kids we aren’t ready to walk, yet we do it anyway and fall down a lot, but everyone else is walking why not do it? I played trumpet in band and played a lot of wrong notes (and still do at times) but the band covers for me like any family and those that hear our music are generally pleased with the results regardless of my errors. So when it came to the Rebel Nationals, how did I know I was ready? I didn’t, but I took the Nike approach…. “Just do it”. In fact I nearly had a collision in the first leg of the first race of my first Rebel Nationals… I said nearly, no harm was done and I simply did my 720 turns. But I sailed on, and still do. And no one even remembers or cares about that incident; it was just a sailing thing, a long forgotten mistake and something I laugh at when I recall the event. But the Rebel family looks forward to seeing me at the Nationals just because I’m part of the family. And the Nationals are like a big family reunion…. But like any family reunion it doesn’t work well when the various families stay home.

   If you are waiting to have kids until you can afford them…. You’ll never have kids. If you are waiting until you think you are ready for your first Rebel Nationals… You’ll never get started. The Rebel Class is a fun and small sailing family. Lake Fenton is a small lake and you can see 90% of racing area from the docks much like the lakes you sail at. So I encourage any and all to come to Lake Fenton this July and join the family fun July 10th – 12th. Ready or not, sail the 2015 Rebel Nationals and be part of the family.


Kevin Nickels,

Rear Commodore – National Rebel Class

The Rebel is a one design class sailboat. All Rebel hulls are produced from the same mold. Rebels are built to the class rules and cannot be changed or modified by the boat builder unless authorized by the Class. This is the basic definition of all one design class sail boats.

The Rebel Sailing brochure shows photos with the typical crew of two, but the Rebel can also be day sailed with six passengers in the roomy cockpit. With its large steel center board, it is extremely stable and always comfortable to sail.

Rebel specifications;
Overall length - 16' 1 4"
Beam - 6'  7 1/2"
Draft - 3'  6"
Sail area - 166 Sq Ft
Complete details


25 Apr 15 - Updated the Invitation and added the news form Kevin.

27 Mar 15 - The March Rabble can be seen on line.

18 Feb 15 - The 2015 US Sailing Certificate is posted.

31 Jan 15 - The 2015 Nationals info is now available. See above.

9 Jan 15 - The dues notice has been updated for 2015. We now have the ability to pay on-line.

1 July 14 - See photo from Des Plaines regatta below.

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18 Jun 14 - Rebel 3444 is for sale.

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22 Mar 14 - Rebel 4014 is for sale. See photos and info on the Buy/Sell page.

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30 Nov 13 - Add the photo below from the Grand Rapids regatta last summer. Thanks to Mary Vorel for the names.

27 Nov 13 - Found this video on uTube.

Latest E-News you can use from Bruce

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Left to Right: Scott Wright, Jay Topping, Neil Robb, Justin Lovell, Pat Topping, Chad Coberly, Carl Erickson, Michelle Coberly, Snipe Sailor, Cherie Schaafsma, Soren Wright, Carla Grant, Ken Nelson, Snipe Sailor, Jack McAllister, Harrison Vanderground, Snipe Sailor, ??? behind him, Donny Marwin, Leanne Daglow, ???, Rich Grant, Hazel McGovern, Casey McGovern, Mary Vorel, Jason Vanderground with Simon, ???, Pat Vorel, Bruce Nowak, Rowan McDougherty, Bruce's crew

Grand Rapids Sept 2013 (Half are Rebels and half are Snipes)