Join the Excitement! Join the Rebel Experience

The REBEL is a simple to set up, easy to sail, one-design sailboat designed by Ray Greene in 1948. The REBEL was the first sailboat to be built out of fiberglas. It is now built by Nickels Boat Works in Fenton Lake Michigan. The boat is of high quality, self-rescuing that are custom finished for each customer. The Rebel is an ideal choice for many sailors, novice or expert. The ease with which it sails makes it an excellent family boat, yet it is also a very competitive racing boat. Crew weight is not a major factor because of its excellent performance in light air. Come and join the families who have enjoyed their Rebels for many years. As an example my family has sailed a REBEL since 1952.

Individual Rebel Fleets in the Midwest and East can offer you sailing and racing opportunities and the fun of meeting other people like you who share a love of sailing.

You can get started in the Rebel experience by joining the Rebel Association(see reverse side) and contacting a fleet representative in your area. They’ll be pleased to tell you about local Rebel activities at their local lake and arrange for a demonstration sail.. Or you can visit the Rebel web site, or call 616-887-7707 for more information.